• The book "Konzept Kunst von Bernhard Madörin" has been published by Münster Verlag GmbH.
    And is also presented here on p. 15.

    The book describes the art project and shows a rich selection of graphics and paintings (here, article only in german).

    The ISBN is 978-3-905896-92-3. The book can be ordered here for CHF 30.-
  • Article in the local magazine Regio aktuell 3/18 about Color Wor(l)d and Bernhard Madörin.
  • Mexico City, 16. - 19. November 2017
    First exhibition of Color Wor(l)d takes place in Mexico.
  • Basel 10.11.2017
    We are now online!
  • The artist and his art are presented in the winter edition of the magazine "Geschäftsführer"